Chemistry Collaborative Learning Center (CCLC)
TECHNOLOGY  Polyvision THUNDER interactive white-board system, plasma display, 6 projectors, 36 tablet PCs
Benefits  •Improved quality of learning environment •Support of higher enrollment •Cost savings •Better faculty/TA cohesion and collaboration •Reduced room needs •Fostering student community
USE  Collaborative learning environment for General Chemistry (CHM 101, 113, 114, 116) group recitation sections
Impact  Over 5,400 students/year
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In 2008/2009, our General Chemistry program was redesigned with goals of improving access and excellence of instruction while simultaneously lowering costs.  The new CCLC is a large part of this effort, involving multiple ASU offices and collaboration with the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR), National Center for Academic Transformation (NCAT), and Steelcase/Polyvision.  The CCLC is housed in PS H-135 and serves over 5,400 students per academic year.

Ron Briggs, Ph.D.
Principal Lecturer
& Coordinator of General Chemistry
Todd Windman, Ph.D.
Pam Marks, M.S.
Principal Lecturer
& General Chemistry Lab Coordinator

“It’s more like we’re together, more of a group”
“If you have a chance to explain it to someone else, you retain it a lot better”
“It’s more fun and more engaging for me”
“In other recitations, you are just sitting there confused”
“I think there are 30-35 kids in here” (There are 72)
“The TAs like us”
“I can get to know teachers and students”
“It’s more interactive, more relaxed”
“I work in a group [outside of class]”
Gary Cabirac, Ph.D.
& General Chemistry Lab Coordinator
Allan Scruggs, Ph.D.
Shelly Seerley, M.S.
Current Learner-Centered Education (LCE) Team:
Significant Contributions By:  Janet Bond-Robinson (PI), Pedro Chavarriaga, Dominique Laroche, Judy Case, Tim Garner, Elise Valoe, Tina Ro, Ray Jensen, Alejandro Rengifo, Matt Beals, Stephanie Riordan, Sean Snitzer, Frank Davis, E-Jay Christopher, Chris Pruis, Brandon Forrest, Heide McIlwraith, Jim Klemaszewski, Siddhartha Sreekaram, Rebeca Smith, Stacy Sendler, Timo Park, Tito Garza-Lopez